Hype Alarm

Wake up to the most blogged about tracks.

It’s . This is Hype Alarm.

Hype Alarm is a free alarm clock for iPhone. While you sleep, Hype Alarm figures out what songs are trending on music blogs. It wakes you by playing the hottest tracks.

Hype Alarm was designed never to skip a beat. It preloads up to two songs and doesn’t start playing a track until it has been fully loaded from the Internet. And if your Wi-Fi still cannot keep up then Hype Alarm just plays some oldies. Morning Internet congestion, begone!

Set as many alarms as you need. Or configure Hype Alarm to wake you at 7 AM every weekday and 10 AM every Saturday.

Be sure to have Hype Alarm running in the foreground when you go to sleep. But don’t worry, we know it’s human to forget so we added a backup buzzer alarm. It has your back even when Hype Alarm is not running.

Did we mention that Hype Alarm reads the time between tracks? Download Hype Alarm today and wake up better tomorrow.